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  • Brit Hotel Fleur de Rhuys - Vannes
    Brit Hotel Fleur de Rhuys - Vannes


in Vannes

Vannes, capital of Morbihan, is an city of art and history. With its ramparts built between the 3rd and 17th centuries and its seaside location, it possesses undeniable charm. The city is made up of around 52,000 inhabitants. It is therefore an important economic hub in Morbihan.

The Gulf of Morbihan is listed as a Regional Natural Park. Stay at the Brit Hotel Fleur de Rhuys and discover a profound natural and cultural heritage.

Monuments in Vannes

Armed with a remarkable religious heritage, Vannes has flourished throughout the centuries. Noteworthy is the Cathédrale Basilique Saint Pierre de Vannes, listed as a historical monument since 1906. In addition, the Saint Patern church was destroyed and then rebuilt over the years, finally to be completely renovated in 2008. The Saint Yves chapel, for its part, was built in the 17th century, inspired by Italian Baroque design.

To see/To do in Vannes

The emblem ‘Vannes et sa femme’ (Vannes and his wife) is situated at a junction between two Vannetais streets. Of unknown origin, above the emblem is a stone sculpture of a couple, without their hands. La Cohue is a building situated opposite the Cathédrale Saint Pierre. This building is notable for housing the signature of the Act of Union between Brittany and France. Today it houses the Museum of Beaux-Arts. The Chateau Gaillard was built in 1410. Today it houses the Museum of History and Archaeology.

The Vannes aquarium allows you to discover many different animal species during a 1.5 hour visit. Marine animals from the Gulf of Morbihan and also from the tropics live freely in the recreated natural environments.

Numerous companies offer pleasure cruises, particularly in sailing boats, in the Gulf of Morbihan. The proximity to the sea offers many water activities, such as canoeing, fishing and boat trips.

As well as water activities, Vannes is a perfect place for air sports: parachute jumping or helicopter tours.

Lovers of walking and hikes will delight in the many kilometres of marked paths, well looked-after, which are close to Vannes. Cyclists, for their part, can roam the cycle paths, around 25km in total.

In addition, the Tourist Mini-Train of Vannes will take you to the main sites of interest in Vannes, from April to October.

Tourist activities in Vannes and the surrounding area:

- Celt-Aventure: treetop adventure course for children and adults alike.
- Butterfly garden: head to the tropical forest.
- Animal Park and Parcabout: Animals from all over the world are waiting for you at this park.

Many pleasure cruises departing from Vannes are available. Set off on an old sailing ship, a sailing boat or a speedboat to discover the Île aux Moines, Arradon, Baden or the Île d'Arz. Further offshore, walk around the islands of Belle-Ile, Hoëdic or Houat.

Fine food

Tempt your taste buds with the delicious local produce. Discover Breton specialities and seafood during your stay. In Vannes, visit the Marché de la Halle des Lices (Covered market) and the Halle aux Poissons (Fish market). Saint-Avé, Baden, Arradon, also hold markets every week. Discover Breton cuisine!

A story about the city of Vannes

The name ‘Vannes’ comes from ‘Venetis’, the city of Veneti. The Veneti people of Morbihan were a Gallic population. Famous figures in Vannes: Some famous personalities linked to the city of Vannes: Alain Resnais, Louise Bourgoin, Loïck Peyron...

Are you convinced? Discover all the tourist treasures of Vannes and the Gulf of Morbihan.